snow county

by ben nguyen



recorded in my room august 2016 - december 2016


released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


ben nguyen Grand Rapids, Michigan

arf arf

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Track Name: crack angel
she smokes a lot of crack
I smoke menthols
and that's okay
that's okay
she does heroin
I smoke a lot of crack
and that's okay
that's okay
she is dead
I do heroin
and that's okay
that's okay
Track Name: jadyn
I remember when you used to draw
on the frozen bus windows
and talked about how pretty roses are
girl I wish you never moved at all
at all
I remember how much guts it took
to wrap my arms around yr neck
and all of the words I ever said
girl I wish you never moved at all
at all
Track Name: in colorado
we laughed until the bus ride home
and I hope someday that you know
that I can't keep myself alive
but you can't keep yrself alive
but he's just like yr mental scar
"t's better than no one at all"
but I guess I just can't change
the fact he'll use you just to fuck
and now it's her I hope it's real
now it's her and it's not real
cause now it's her and it looks real
now it's her and it's not real
well I hope today that they break up
and I know it's selfish but I just
but I just love her way too much
to see her with someone else
Track Name: feel down
some days I feel down and I
don't talk, don't know what to say
but I think that we've made it far
to see that i'm not sad at all
Track Name: cemeteries
sky so bright
ground so cold
don't want to grow old
I'm afraid
what lies beneath
the ground of grass and soil
god so cruel
god so dark
to want to kill his child
someone make
this life complete
before the day I pass
cause life's too short
to spend alone
cause we'll all die someday
Track Name: snow county
never heard the news
until yr best friend
told me
"she was all alone
and then the sirens came
god I hope that she's okay"
I started to believe
for the sake of
helping you
"god I pray
that ben has
enough strength
to tie the rope down
ornaments from pine rest
arts and crafts
and slow globes
wish I could help more
but I have no strength